John's Photography Page

What you'll find below is just a sample of some of the photos I've taken over the years that I like.  I may or may not include a brief description.

I shot this in 1975 on a school-owned 35mm camera with B/W film.  I think I shot a whole roll of 36 frames to get this one.  This is K.F. Wagner, one of my very best friends, and a teammate on the CHS Swim Team.  He was patient enough to do this over and over and I was soaked with sweat in the hot pool area by the time we were done.  The concept for this photo came from my faculty advisor, Rod Vahl.  Rod suggested this as well as a shot from the diving board (long since removed) of Kurt swimming underwater.  This photo earned me 2nd place in Sports Photography in the Iowa High School Journalism competition that year.  I would not have even tried this if not for Rod Vahl, who passed away only a few years after I graduated.  He was a great inspiration and one of two people I credit with my passion for photography, the other being my cousin Frank Folwell Jr. (Managing Editor for USA Today)

This is Emily Owens, CHS '09.  We will try some more, but I shot this from exactly the same spot in the same pool.  It will just take many tries.

Phun With PhotoShop

Below you will find a photo I took of our extended family on my wife's side.  Shortly after I took it, my sister-in-law said I had to be in the photo, so I made her stand in the right place and told her not to change anything on the camera and I got in position and said "go".  She shot a photo of me alone in the room and I "PhotoShopped" myself in. 

Below is with yours truly added

Pretty cool, eh?